With almost every weapon and skin from Overwatch already recreated as a 3D print, the maker community is looking to other parts of the game to remake, and now it’s time for the loot box, again.

Yes the Overwatch loot box has been printed in the past, but this remixed version by user TheHammockGuy makes it a bit more authentic with a lighting system that activates when the box is opened.

This is thanks to a microswitch connected to some LEDs. Pop off the top and these go off, shining through some coloured tissue paper which diffuses the light and gives it a slight yellow tinge.

We’ve been told that this project used multiple models which were edited together. It uses a base model from one user, a modified lid from another, and then a battery holder on the inside.

Printing took thirteen hours to make a box that is around 82 centimetres cubed with the lid making it slightly taller than that in the Z-axis.

This is a small desk toy with the electronics taking up around a third of the inside space, so increase the size if you want to shove more in there.

You can start making your own with the files from Thingiverse. The finished version in the gallery below went through a lot of sanding before it was hit with primer, taped off and painted with spray paint. The smaller orange parts were printed and painted separately due to their size.

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