Into the Breach has been out for a few days now, and the great price for us South Africans may be what some people need to take the plunge.

Thanks to Steam’s local pricing that was implemented a few years ago, this game is selling for only R105.

The base price overseas is the standard indie game $15. At the time of writing that converts to about R179, not including any of those new taxes.

Before the rand gained some strength recently the best we could hope for when it comes to $15 games was a local price of R159 which Into the Breach falls well under.

If you’d like to give the devs Subset Games, more of your money in exchange for even more content, there’s also the bundle which includes the soundtrack for R157.

But it doesn’t stop there as Subset Games have even more going on with the sale of this game. If you buy the title from the Humble Store or GOG before 6th March, you get their previous game – FTL: Faster Than Light – for free.

Neither of those stores offer local pricing, so you will be paying the dollar amount. Given that FTL is priced at R109 on Steam, you’re still getting a bargain.

While we’re only a few hours into a playthrough of Into the Breach, we can confirm what everyone else is saying: it’s a phenomenal game. FTL is also one of our favourite games of all time, so do consider that bundle if you’ve been eyeing both of them.