Thingiverse user “JohnMion” has been turning the characters from Heroes of the Storm into 3D printed printed miniatures. His latest creation is WoW’s Sylvanas Windrunner.

The process for creating this print is the same as it was for the his earlier recreations of Azmodan and Zarya. After ripping the model from the game, it was imported into Blender were the pose was fixed and it was made more printer friendly.

We’ve been told that this model did not require as much manual work as the two previous characters, instead the FlashPrint software was used to automatically patch things up.

The finished print you can see in the gallery below took around six hours to print resulting in a model that is 12 centimetres tall.

We also the luxury of seeing the different stages of painting for this print, using the same range of colours and washes from the other models.

The files to make your own are available from Thingiverse, complete with a base remixed from another design. This is using one of the skins from Heroes of the Storm, so you’re out of luck if you wanted the vanilla version of the character.

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