Here are just 5 of the 14 series that were added to Showmax this month, including the dark comedy SMILF that comes first and only to Showmax, and the full boxset of HBO’s The Wire.

Imposters S1

Imagine you’re married to the love of your life. Returning from your honeymoon you settle into life with your loved one and everything runs smoothly for a few weeks. Then one day, you find your account emptied, your assets stripped and your other half in the wind, leaving behind a threat of what will happen to you if you go to the police.

That’s the premise for Imposters, which centres on Maddie, a con artist who, with the help of two partners, gets men and women to fall in love with her, before robbing them of everything including their hearts. Things get a little dicey for Maddie and her conspirators, however, when some of the lovers she’s left broken in her wake decide to team up and track her down… Watch now »

HBO’s The Wire S1-S5

Created by former crime reporter David Simon, The Wire is arguably the greatest police procedural ever made and one of the best TV shows of all time. Set in Baltimore, the show begins by centring on a gang of drug dealers slinging in the city slums and the police detail assigned to take them down. However, this show is as layered as any great novel; it examines not only the motivations of its characters, but also the wider perspective of how bureaucracy, corruption and the political machine conspire to trip up real police work and profit off the misery of society’s poorest.

The Wire is nothing less than an examination of the death of the American Dream. It’s also electrifying television and – dare we say it – essential viewing. Watch now »

Teen Wolf S6

If you ever saw the Michael J Fox comedy in the 80s with the same name as this TV show, put it right out of your mind. Yes, there are elements of comedy in Teen Wolf, but this young adult show is a far darker and, at times, a more bloody affair. Think of it as Twilight, but with less drippy and annoying characters and far more claws and teeth.

This month sees the release of the sixth season, with teen werewolf Scott and his gang entering their final year at school. It also sees the arrival of some deeply unpleasant ghosts who fancy spiriting away as many young souls as they can. Yeah, the last year in high school is always a tough one… Watch now »

Veep S1-S6

If you ever thought you had a dim view of politicians, start watching Veep and realise how kind you were in your thoughts. This HBO comedy doesn’t so much take a scalpel to politics and the double-dealing folk who practise it, so much as it does a rusty tin opener.

Set in the corridors of power in Washington, Veep follows the bungling and feckless machinations of Vice President Selina Meyer, a self-centred narcissist desperate to secure a legacy while not getting tripped up by her bungling, equally self-serving staff. Slick, well written and bitingly funny, this show is a must for armchair political commentators. Watch now »

SMILF S1 (First On Showmax)

SMILF takes the rather sad predicament of Bridgette – a new single mother dumped by her child’s father – and pumps enough comedy material into it to have audiences rolling in the aisles.

As Bridgette tries to build a better life for her son, she finds herself also trying to navigate the dating scene, trying to “adult” more and working part-time in order to pursue her fading dreams of being an actress and a basketball star. A real handful of problems – one that yields frequently hilarious results. Watch now »  

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