If you’ve been desperate to hear (and see) more of South African game Semblance, you can now check out a new trailer skinned for the Nintendo Switch.

Those who have not heard about the local title making waves around the world, it’s billed as a “playdough platformer” where your standard running and jumping is broken up by the ability to deform both the terrain, and the player character Squish.

While the trailer doesn’t show us too much we haven’t seen in the past, the description does. For starters there’s now a Steam page for the game so you can wishlist the game, but pre-orders and price are not shown off just yet.

Here we can also see that developer Nyamakop has picked up a publisher in the Dutch company Good Shepherd Entertainment. Its list of published games on Steam alone is impressive, putting out titles such as Hard West and Xeodrifter, the latter of which also made it to the Nintendo Switch.

The only piece of information we’re waiting for now is a solid release date as the Steam page still pegs it as “early 2018”.

Semblance was one of our top picks for when we played it at rAge 2016, offering us something new despite being burned out by the genre.