After being announced a couple of weeks ago, Comic Con Africa is looking for public input into who is being invited to be its guest.

This announcement comes from a single tweet linking to a form you can fill out, if you should be so inclined.

Aside from your details, you’ll need to tell the organisers who you’d like to nominate and what category they fall into.

Those categories are: Entertainment Guest, Creator Guest, Panel / Speaker Guest and Workshop Speaker.

For that last category a topic can also be provided, which should help anyone hoping to pitch their own workshop.

Before Comic Con Africa opened up the polls for these new guests, it was reported that Nolan North, Troy Baker and various cast members from Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory would be present.

No matter who you want added to that list, we suggest banding together with friends and family to all fill in the same name(s). If the organisers see the same people popping up, they’ll probably give them another look.

Our personal vote could be for anyone from the Black Panther cast. John and Atandwa Kani seem like the obvious choices – South African MCU actors at the inaugural African Comic Con is a no-brainer.

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