If you’re a Hearthstone player (and really, if you’re not, what’s wrong with you?) you’ll know that the Year Of The Raven is almost upon us.

A bunch of cards will be shuffled out of Standard rotation and end up in Wild and this means that a new expansion is on the horizon. Well, tonight, Blizzard has announced the name of said new expansion – The Witchwood. Yes, we are excited.

The expansion will feature 185 new cards and is based around the Worgen cursed city of Gilneas in World Of Warcraft. The developers revealed the expansion’s existence in a video that popped up on YouTube. Have a gander below:

The trailer reveals a couple of cards, which are hanging off trees in this Blair Witch Project-stylee reveal video. First up, you’ve got  Azalina Soulthief, who replaces your current hand with an exact copy of your opponents hand, meaning both players know exactly what they’re facing.

Second, the devs reveal neutral Legendary minion, Genn Greymane, whose Battlecry reduces the cost of the player’s Hero Power to one mana, provided all the cards in their deck and hand are even-numbered-cost cards. The next card on the list is Baku the Mooneater, who upgrades your Hero Power if your deck contains only odd-cost cards.

Two minion powers are also unveiled: ‘Echo’, and ‘Rush’. Apparently a minion with ‘Echo’ can be played multiple times in the same turn. If, for example, you have nine-mana and you have a 3-cost minion with Echo, you can play that minion three times in the same turn. ‘Rush’ on the other hand allows minions to attack the moment an enemy minion enters the battlefield.

On top of all this, there are reports floating in from some sites that The Witchwood will have its own Dungeon Run-style mode called Monster Hunt – which is similar in structure to the Kobolds & Catacombs Dungeon Run. Once again, it’ll include cards unique to this mode, but it also brings with it for new Heroes with their own Hero Powers.

Now for the important bit; The Witchwood is available for preorder right now over on Blizzard’s official site, and if you pick up 50 packs, you get an extra 20 for free. And of course you’ll get a preorder bonus in the form of a card back.