It’s been quite some time since a Splinter Cell game saw the light of day.

The last instalment was Splinter Cell: Blacklist and that dropped in 2013. That’s nearly five years ago and since then, players have seen neither hind nor hair of Sam Fisher and his comrades in Third Echelon.

Dare we hope this this sad state of affairs may be about to change? Well, if Amazon’s Canadian online store is anything to go by, it just might be. The store recently issued a listing for a game called ‘Splinter Cell 2018’. There’s no box art or firm release date for the product, and it’s entirely possible the listing is speculative, but we’ll take any grains of optimism we can get. (The listing has since been taken down).

At last year’s E3 Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat did mention that Ubisoft was planning on revisiting some old franchises – “including Splinter Cell” – but that fans needed to manage their expectations because the publisher’s workload was pretty big. Given the number of studios that worked on last year’s superb Assassin’s Creed: Origins, we can believe it.

Still, as has been mentioned, it’s been half a decade since the last Splinter Cell game and it’s not like the mechanics or structure of this franchise clash with those of any other Ubisoft property; on that note we don’t expect to see a new Prince Of Persia game anytime soon, and that’s largely down to the Assassin’s Creed franchise’s ubiquity.

If this is happening, though, we’d like to put forward a request, Ubisoft: bring back Michael Ironside. Sam just isn’t Sam if his voice doesn’t sound like tar being poured onto cement.