While we’ve been seeing the Destiny 2 community pumping out a steady amount of 3D prints from the game, most have them have been weapons.

Changing that today is this recreation of Nezarec’s Sin that you can wear, if your neck is strong enough.

Maker David McAloon (who goes by OddWorks online) tells us that the helmet weighs in at 2.5 kilograms, and is a massive 63 centimetres tall.

To make something this large McAloon started by first modelling it in Blender before sending it to the printer and waiting 200 hours for that process to finish.

Due to the size there was a lot of warping in the PLA which needed to fixed using modelling gap filler similar to Green Stuff sold by Games Workshop.

The entire process, including painting, took around six weeks to complete. If you have that much time to put into the project, the files are available from Thingiverse.

This version was made slightly larger to accommodate everyone at 45 centimetres wide and 42 centimetres long. Padding is suggested to cushion the weight of the print and to make it fit better, and you can always scale it up or down to fit even better.

Aside from the usual materials, and that gap filler, you’ll also need to get a clear mask for the front of the face plate.

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