If you’ve been looking for a decidedly Doctor Who-themed way to propose to someone, or simply somewhere interesting to store your jewellery, maker Noh wook Choi has you covered.

This engagement ring box is made to look like the TARDIS, albeit with a clever sliding mechanism that reveals a platform holding two rings.

Choi tells us that the design work took only around 10 hours spread over two to three days, with printing at a higher resolution coming in at 9 hours.

Primer spray paint was used to help smooth everything out before it was painted with a blue Tamiya colour. Small details such as the top lamp, door knob and keyhole were done in white.

The rest of the detailing was accomplished without 3D printing. The windows, for example, are  laser cut acrylic made opaque with an oil marker. Foam sponge and blue velvet hold onto the rings to keep them safe, and four hexagonal pillars made out of aluminium help the rings slide up.

The police box signage is made with simple homemade stickers, found on the internet and transferred to label paper. A clear layer goes on top of all these extra parts to protect them.

If you have all of that, as well as the filament, you can find the files to make your own over on Thingiverse.

You won’t need a lot of plastic, however, as this version is  only 125 X 60 X 60 millimetres. Choi tells us that the space available for the rings or other jewellery is only around 24 millimetres squared, so you may need to play around with the scale to suit your needs.

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