We’re back this week with another africast where we ditch politics and the more serious news and replace it with games and movies.

We start off with Far Cry 5 which we got to play in advance at a special event. One of us is worn out on the series and another is quite excited.

Next up we’re on our phones for PUBG Mobile. The biggest name in the battle royale genre has made its way to mobile devices and we took a quick look at it this morning to report back.

Finally, it’s time for Ready Player One. The book was very much a Marmite affair where you either loved the contant nostalgia and young adult novel-esque format, or you hated it. With the movie being released soon, we talk about how the book will make the jump to a new medium.

We’re also talking about this movie because we have ten pairs of tickets to give away. If you’re in South Africa, near Cradlestone (which is on the West Rand of Johannesburg), make sure you enter to see the movie early, for free.

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