Despite the game containing iconic characters such as Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers, Anna the Huntress is the first Dead by Daylight character to receive the 3D printed treatment.

This recreation of her rabbit mask was made by Jason Duda who didn’t start from scratch. Instead he took an existing model, removed the mask from the rest of the body, and sliced it in Meshmixer so it would work on smaller printers.

Duda tells us that this process only took two or three hours, with the real wait coming from the printing itself at 12 hours.

To give it the same texture it has in the game, a slurry of paint and wood fill was applied, which also helped hide the print lines and remove the need for sanding.

From here multiple layers of white paint were used followed up by a grey wash. This wash was partly wiped away while it was still wet to give it that dirty, aged look. After a few splatters of red for the blood were added, everything was sealed in with matte enamel.

To make your own start with the files available for free from Thingiverse. The finished mask in the gallery below measures in at 32 X 20 centimetres, so make sure to scale it how you see fit.

Right now this version doesn’t have any kind of strap or elastic band, so make sure you make provisions for that.

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