After featuring a wearable 3D print of Nezarec’s Sin last week, we’re back to weaponry in Destiny 2 with this scale model of the Hard Light rifle.

User “Al-X Plander” tells us that this model was made in the now defunct software 123D Design over the course of around 20 hours, with a further three hours dedicated to cutting it up into printable pieces.

Printing itself took a whopping 320 hours for the dozens of different pieces which were glued together before being smoothed with spray filler and a lot of sanding.

Painting was done with an airbrush and regular acrylics with the smaller details and wording painted on using 3D printed templates.

Inside the plastic there’s also some hidden electronics – the trigger is connected to a switch that turns on the four white LEDs in the barrel and nine green LEDs around the rest of the gun.

Those lights are cleverly powered by a battery bank hidden in the magazine, which is removable and stays in place with magnets.

The final flourishes include two pieces of vacu-formed plexiglass, and a sight which is made out of engraved glass.

If you’d like to try and make your own with or without all of those extras, you can find the files to do so over on MyMiniFactory.

Make sure you have enough filament to print it at this scale, as the one in the gallery below is 755 millimetres long.

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