On 17th March 2018 local makerspace BinarySpace sent a high altitude balloon almost 32 kilometres into the air right to the edge of space, and now you can watch that journey.

The weather balloon used here is outfitted with a Raspberry Pi to measure certain parameters, some of them you can say as an overlay in the video below.

These flights are used to do many edge of space experiments, but this one was done to test the equipment and is the prelude to more regular flights from the team.

Aside from that it’s just a fun event to be part of, and there’s the great footage that comes out of it too. Make sure you’re watching closely at around the 4:56 mark where the balloon bursts.

Other interesting data from the experiment, aside from the altitude, is 150 kilometres travelled carrying a payload of 750 grams. The total flight time was 171 minutes which is compressed into six and a half minutes for the video.

You may remember this group of makers doing this back in 2015 so be sure to follow BinarySpace on Facebook so you can catch future projects like this.