The 19th Humble Indie Bundle is now available offering only seven games at launch.

While more games will be added to the bundle (six days from now), it’s still a slim offering and there’s not too much to entice people who aren’t exactly clamouring to spend money.

The biggest draw, for us anyway, is Halcyon 6 right at the cheapest tier. We’ve been eyeing this game for a while – which looks to mix XCOM-style base building and JRPG turn-based combat – so this may be the perfect time to pick it up.

The big hitter at the $15 tier is Superhot, which may be more exciting if you’ve never bought this title in any of its previous sales.

The supported charity this time around is the confusingly named Charity: Water, but you can always choose a different one from the supported list.

If this selection of titles isn’t for you, the Jumbo Bundle is still running with 11 games in it. Alternatively, if you’re not into bundles, the Humble Store is running a sale specifically for indie titles.

In the Humble Indie Bundle 19:

  • Tier 1 ($1):
    • Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition
    • Mini Metro
    • Rakuen
    • 10% off first month of Humble Monthly
    • Poly Bridge Soundtrack
  • Tier 2 ($5.58):
    • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
    • Soma
    • Poly Bridge
  • Tier 3 ($15): 
    • Superhot
    • $2 Humble Wallet credit (Humble Monthly subscribers only)