After a few leaks we now have an official announcement for a new LEGO game, this time focusing on The Incredibles.

The trailer released below introduces the game with the simple title “LEGO: The Incredibles”, which will be available on 15th June 2018.

No platform is left out for the release as PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch will all be getting it on the same day.

In the description it states that the game is “inspired by both films”. We’re not sure if this means you’ll be playing through both story lines linearly, or it will be a new, weird mashup of the two movies.

While we usually advise against pre-orders, it’s sometimes a good idea for LEGO games as they usually have a special minifigure as the incentive.

If you’re a seriously collector – or you want to turn a profit in a few years, the cost of those minifigures sometimes exceed that of a new game – you may want to put your name down now.

On the flip side, we’re completely burnt out on LEGO games and are bored to tears every time a new one pops up. Aside from Worlds last year the series has been extremely stagnant and repetitive, especially if you’re playing every release.