YoutTube channel Crowbcat is back with another video looking into the failings of new games.

Next on the chopping block is the recently released Far Cry 5. Instead of comparing the final release to not-exactly-true marketing material, it is instead compared to a previous game in the franchise.

Despite being a bit of a Marmite game, even Far Cry 2’s detractors admit that it was an extremely detailed game with a lot of care and effort poured into every part of the world.

While the video isn’t intended to state that Far Cry 5 has any less care and effort, it does show that many features present in a previous game have been removed in the newest entry.

We don’t know exactly why these removals were done, but we’re guessing that making your game look pretty and including a bear named Cheeseburger is more important to a dev team than implementing compartmentalised damage on trees.

That being said it’s still a bit sad to see gameplay-specific features simplified, like enemy AI and animations. It’s also sure to give more kindling to those who believe that Ubisoft has been milking the series and producing the same game with a different skin ever since Far Cry 3.