For April Fool’s Day Adult Swim did something suitably weird with Rick and Morty in a short titled “Bushworld Adventures”.

To sum up the weird trip that is this slice of animation, think of the regular shown, only with much poorer animation, less sci-fi, and more Australian-ness.

The short aired on Adult Swim on 1st April, but has now found its way to YouTube for much easier watching.

Before you hit play just take note that this is extremely not safe for work with offensive and disturbing content throughout, even more so than the regular show.

That being said it’s still a great watch with a lot of genuine laughs, and hearing the familiar Rick and Morty with Australian accents is great.

The voice work, as well as much of the animation, was done by Michael Cusack who is best known for Damo and Darren.

This isn’t the first time another person has had a swing at making something new with the show. Back in July of 2017 several talented people created an exquisite corpse where the pair literally take an acid trip.