The advertising school Vega is known for well…, teaching advertising, but today it has announced the introduction of a cryptocurrency short course.

The Bitcoin and Beyond – An introduction to Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain Technology Short Course will cover the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as well as the technology which makes these new forms of money possible, blockchain.

“The course will run over three weeks with two highly engaging sessions per week at Vega’s Johannesburg campus only, covering everything from the history of some of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies to buying, trading and using Bitcoin,” explained Vega managing director Shevon Lurie.

The tertiary education provider has partnered with CoinEd to make this course a reality.

“Familiarity with cryptocurrency technology is fast becoming useful in the job market,” says CoinEd co-founder Warren Gray.

He adds, “I’ve seen juniors at law firms and investment houses being offered high-level opportunities on the basis of being the most knowledgeable in the business when it comes to cryptocurrencies and blockchains.”

The cost of the course is R7 500 and will run from 10th April until 1st May. As Lurie mentioned participants will need to attend two three hour sessions per week.

For more information and to apply for the course head to the Vega website now.

[Image – CC BY 0 Pixabay]