One would think that the need for home printers had disappeared but folks do still need to print out documents.

Whether it’s they need a printer to produce school documents to sign, forms to fill out or print payslips for accounts, a home printer is more convenient than making the dash to Post Net.

With so many different brands and models available, picking one brand is tough but our Gear of the Year survey has presented us with some interesting results.

HP has proved itself popular among consumers. Ease of use, easy access to spare parts and security features are great but HPs affordability proved popular with consumers.

Garnering 29.6 percent of the votes the HP Officejet 7110 was the cheapest, most widely available printer on our list in 2017 and it was the only printer in the top three that supports large-format A3 printing.

There’s also the matter of consumables such as toner to consider when buying a printer and HP replacement parts are readily available be it through official or unofficial channels. In our research we discovered that even through official channels HP consumables can often be found at a cheaper price than competing brands.

Add to that security that is akin to that seen in HP’s enterprise printers and you have not only a secure printer but an affordable one as well. HP’s Officejet 7110 garnered 29.6 percent of reader votes.

Canon claimed both third and second position with the Pixma MX 922 and Pixma TR 8520 taking each spot respectively.

Gear Of The Year 2017 Pixma MX 922

There’s very little difference between our top three printers but Canon has one edge over the brand which placed first – cameras.

Canon’s printers do allow you to send images from a camera to the printer. For that reason we believe that photographers may gravitate toward Canon printers in a bid stay within an ecosystem.

Canon’s high placing in the survey also suggests that the quality of prints, affordability and after sale-service is worth the higher cost that Canon printers retail for.

Staff Pick

This was an easy choice to make. Considering how obsessed I am with security HP’s printer wins for me.

But my choice goes beyond just security concerns. For me being able to easily repair a printer and minimise downtime is extremely valuable and HP has a number of partners where service is impeccable.

The HP Office jet 7110 is also fast and can save paper thanks to support for double sided printing. The savings continue thanks to the savings on ink made possible thanks to inkjet printing over laser printing.

The 7110 is also a workhorse capable of printing up to 800 pages per month and XL size cartridges mean you don’t have to purchase refills as often. HP has proven itself not only great for business but great for consumers as well and that’s why it was my first choice of printer in 2017.