Buying a compute monitor is much more complicated than it used to be. Nowadays resolution goes much higher than full HD, 1080P, and consumers need to make sure their choice of desktop screen has all the ports and the correct refresh ra te they need.

They also want to bear a couple of other factors in mind – especially if they’re planning to spend more than twelve hours a day sat in front of their PC.

Between working from home, university and leisure time, choosing the right monitor to suit one’s needs is paramount; warranty, visual fidelity and future viability all need to be considered.

With all that in mind our readers have had their say and the winning monitor, with 35.7% of the vote, is the Dell S2718D. With 27 inches of real estate you’re getting a 2560 x 1440 resolution, what is sometimes called Quad HD, or QHD.

This LED monitor has what Dell calls “InfinityEdge”, and what we can call “a very small bezel”. If you’re a fan of minimalist, elegant design, you’re going to be even happier when you see the sides here, because the S2718D is very thin, opting to move the ports to the base instead.

Here, you’ll find an outlier in the typical choices of connections as there’s a USB Type C, which can be used for both charging and display at the same time. Very handy for connecting to a laptop, or even a Nintendo Switch. With a tilting mount, audio and a sleek finish, there’s a lot to like here.

If the Dell isn’t exactly what you’re looking for (it is a premium, higher priced option) the other winners in this category are worth looking at.

Second place was claimed by Samsung with their C24F390FH and 25.6% of the votes, and LG’s 24M38H is third with 14%. Look elsewhere in this issue for the SMME choices in this category. Dell, Samsung and LG all claim the exact same positions in the votes, which gives a very clear picture of what South Africans are choosing.

Staff Pick

LG 34UC79G-B

1080p @ 60 Hz is the gold standard for PC gaming, with 4K at higher framerates now the “beyond premium” category for those with a lot of extra money for the best graphics cards (yes, plural) and the most expensive monitors. 1440p @ 144 Hz is the perfect compromise between the two, giving you the better fidelity with the much higher framerates, without needing as much horsepower as 4K.

Ive chosen the LG 34UC79G here because of its local availability and price, as well as the ultra-wide format. If you‘re shopping around for another model, make sure it‘s 2 560 X 1 440 and that it supports either G-Sync or FreeSync