The verified Disney twitter account has done something rather strange in the last few hours, releasing a tweet about existential dread and sadness.

A video from Pinocchio is attached and uses the popular phrase “dead inside”, which has come to be associated with depression and suicide, especially on places such as the me irl subs on Reddit.

This is obviously not in line with Disney’s wholesome image, so we’re not entirely sure why it went out or why the tweet still exists hours later.

We expect it’s some hyper-literal interpretation of “dead inside”, because that’s technically what Pinocchio is.

Maybe the person behind the account isn’t a native English speaker or doesn’t actually spend that much time on the internet.

We’ve embedded the official tweet below but we fully expect it to be deleted at some point. Here’s a screenshot for posterity if that happens.

The video seems to be watermarked by “Oh My Disney“, which just looks to be another facet of the company run like a blog.

We highly doubt that Disney is going to be taking the Wendy’s approach to twitter with irreverent discourse and self-aware humour but, man, that would be great, wouldn’t it?

Can you imagine old Mickey Mouse teasing people for forgetting refrigerators exist, or calling their competition garbage?