The City of Cape Town’s Deputy Mayor, Alderman Ian Nielson, has released a statement explaining that water consumption is 66 million litres above the recommended usage target.

In order to stretch the water reserves for the rest of the year, the City of Cape Town has set a usage goal of 450 million litres of water per day.

Currently the water usage total per day is hovering around 516 million litres of water per day with the weekly total having decreased by 5 million litres in the past week.

“In supporting the efforts of our residents to lower their water usage, the City of Cape Town’s advanced pressure management programme is yielding results with 50 million litres of water being saved on average per day through the tireless efforts of our Water and Sanitation Department staff,” Nielson said.

The pressure management programme allows for the Water and Sanitation Department to remotely control the water pressure in select regions and reduce overall water usage as well as bursts and leaks.

“We have successfully tested areas including the Cape Town CBD, Green Point, Paarden Eiland, Woodstock, Salt River, Epping, Delft, Brooklyn and Dunoon. Testing is happening across the metro,” Nielson said.

In the face of low and unpredictable rainfall during 2018 and 2019, these measures will assist the city in managing the drought as they make additional water supply resources available. Residents in Cape Town are advised to keep their water usage to the recommended 50 litres per day target to help ensure that water reserves last throughout the remainder of the year.

“Water management devices continue to be installed on the connections of high water users who are in contravention of water restrictions, and additional teams are working around the clock to detect and repair leaks,” said Nielson.

“We have to continue to strive to meet our 50-litre target. Judging from what we have achieved thus far, we can do it.”