Many parents will know the frustration of weekend engagements with their children.

There are so many locations that just don’t have the facilities to keep children occupied – and giving them a tablet or phone to play games on feels a little like a cheat.

So why not use Showmax to download programmes that will both educate and entertain your children while you’re out or on the road? You don’t even need a Wi-Fi connection once they’ve been downloaded onto your device.

Here are some of the best educational shows Showmax has on offer.

Nickelodeon’s Bubble Guppies

Bubble Guppies is a lovely little cartoon about fish attending school – see what they did there? While the more pedantic pre-schooler may question some of the show’s content (like how they have cellphones and ride bikes), most kids will warm to its colourful characters and the balmy world they inhabit under the sea.

On top of that, the Guppies’ adventures teach kids problem solving, responsibility and the value of friendship. Not bad for a school of fish.
Age 3+

Monster Math Squad

Don’t worry! This isn’t a case of Count Dracula or Frankenstein’s Monster teaching geometry. The Monster Math Squad are a goofy gang of friendly monsters whose adventures give children a basic grounding in the fundamentals of arithmetic.

As they tackle problems in their neighbourhood, such as the bins not being emptied or a mate with a cooking conundrum, the Monster Math Squad use concepts such as counting, number comparison and estimated guesses to get the job done. There’s the occasional bad guy to contend with, but they’re never very scary, and kids will likely love these chaps while getting a crash course in maths to boot.
Age 4+

Super WHY!

This charming series is aimed at kids on the cusp of reading and gives them their first steps through reimagined fairy tales. That means that the fairy tales themselves are slightly deconstructed and all of the darkness stripped out of them. Hansel & Gretel, for example, aren’t thrown in a cage by a cannibal witch; rather, their tale is aimed at teaching kids to ask for something before assuming they can just take it.

As kids follow the four protagonists (the littlest Pig, Red Riding Hood, Princess Pea and Whyatt Beanstalk – brother of Jack) they’ll be introduced to the alphabet, learn to spell and there are even call and response quizzes too.
Age 4+

Hogie The Globehopper

Hogie The Globehopper has a job that most journalists would give their right arm for. He travels the world, soaking up the culture of each country he visits, making new friends and occasionally taking the odd risk.

Whether he’s heading to the Highland Games in Scotland or taking in the view at Machu Picchu in Peru, Hogie’s adventures are chock-full of information, providing part travel guide and part geography lesson to young viewers. Journalists remain as jealous as ever of his endeavours.
Age 3+

Quiz Time

Meet Sally and Max, a brother-sister duo who team-up for Quiz Time, a gameshow on which they compete against a new set of opponents every week for a grand prize.

Each opponent presents the pair with a series of puzzles and problems and the two (with the vocal help of the audience) solve them using visual memory, pattern recognition, spatial awareness and more. Be warned though, kids are liable to get excited and shout at the television during each episode.
Age 3+

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