As April ushers in a chill in the air, Showmax is bringing a boatload of new content to its customers. Here are some of the best new series you can watch on Showmax right now.

Marvel’s Runaways S1

It seems one can’t escape the reach of the mighty Marvel universe and with this first on Showmax, local subscribers are advised to succumb. Marvel’s Runaways really is that good.

The show centres on a group of teenagers from wildly different backgrounds who are brought together to fight a common enemy – their parents. While this doesn’t sound different from your average teen-angst movie or show, the titular Runaways boast superhuman powers and their parents really are evil – they’re members of a group bent on world domination called ‘The Pride’. Mixing flashy SFX, decent characters and the odd jolt of humour, Runaways is perfect for superhero fans, whether they get on with their folks or not.

Bosch S1-S4

Set in a Los Angeles that seems to be equal parts a seedy nightmare and a corrupt hellhole, Bosch follows LA detective Harry Bosch, a hard-bitten cop with questionable morals. The series kicks off when Bosch (played by the ever-reliable Titus Welliver) finds himself at the centre of an investigation involving a shooting in which (to the audience) he may or may not have planted evidence on the victim.

Shot through with a style that recalls the best police procedurals – the gritty realism of The Shield rubbing shoulders with the style of Ray Donovan – Bosch is a must-watch for crime show fans. Season 4 comes first and only to Showmax.

HBO’s Animals S1

Don’t let the fact that this series centres on the day-to- day lives of pets and critters fool you. HBO’s Animals is completely adult fare; it’s disturbing, surreal and laugh-out- loud hilarious.

If one can accept that New York is a madhouse (and it is) then this show’s premise – that the private lives of its animals are equal parts neurosis, paranoia and dark desire – shouldn’t be too hard to swallow. Given that a lot of the dialogue is improvised, there’s a lot of solid stuff here – single-parent pigeons and cats into BDSM are a couple of highlights. Definitely one to vet before you show it to your friends… no pun intended.

Once Upon A Time S1-S5

Mythology aficionados will know that modern fairytales are sugar-coated versions of dark source material from times of old. Once Upon A Time takes this premise and runs with it, placing a female protagonist in a small town and surrounding her with the threatening mythos from early fairytales.

Borrowing as much from US folklore as it does from the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen, Once Upon A Time mixes urban fantasy with dark intrigue. This isn’t your average fairytale and no one lives happily ever after.

Top Of The Lake S1-S2

A rather dark police procedural from Down Under, Top Of The Lake, Season 1 centres on Detective Robin Griffin (played by Elizabeth Moss, who Showmax viewers will recognise from The Handmaid’s Tale), who returns to her hometown in New Zealand to escape a dark past. When a pregnant 12-year- old girl goes missing, Griffin, who has experience with sexual assault, is pressed into the investigation. In Season 2, Griffin and her eager rookie partner (played by Gwendoline Christie) is pulled into a case in Sydney involving a young Jane Doe who died while carrying a heavy secret.

Top Of The Lake is incredibly dark, but for those who can stay the course, it rewards with great acting, achingly beautiful camerawork and a plot that’s both labyrinthine and ultimately satisfying – even if it is harrowing in parts.

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