Despite how widely it was panned at release I adored Tom Clancy’s The Division, and have continued dipping my toes into the game since its release nearly two years ago.

The latest update to the game brings with it good news for those on the Xbox One X, and players just looking to continue shooting and looting through the streets of Manhattan.

For Xbox One X players update 1.8.1 brings with it 4K rendering, higher ansiotropy, improved reflections, better object detail and shadows.

Players – regardless of the platform – will also be getting more Division Tech for completing certain activities.

Finishing Daily Combat, Crafting, Survival and Dark Zone quests will net players 25 Division Tech per activity. Weekly Open World, Underground Assignments and Season Pass Supply Drops will grant them 100 Division Tech.

Ubisoft has also announced two new Global events – Blackout and Onslaught – which will take place at the end of April and the end of May respectively.

In Blackout players will be armed with Shock Ammo that will stun enemies. The damage this ammo does is linked to a Charge meter which is filled up as you run and shoot enemies – the more that meter fills, the more damage you do.

Onslaught is a bit more interesting. Players will deal Burn, Bleed and Gas effects to enemies in addition to the damage they output normally. The kicker here is that the effect you get changes as you reload.

Each event will have varying degrees of difficulty each with its own conditions. Truth be told we can’t wait for the end of May because Onslaught sounds like an RNG fiesta, which is always fun.

Details about those events as well as the various bug fixes and game improvements can be found at this link.

We also have to commend Ubisoft for its commitment to this game. The way it has grown from a buggy mess to a game that keeps reeling us back in is spectacular and bodes well for The Division 2.

Oh and one last thing, the game will now tell you how long you’ve played the game at the Agent Selection screen, try not to get a fright.