The Nintendo Wii isn’t exactly the first console you’d think of for high-concept FPS games with Left 4 Dead mechanics and a supernatural theme, but that’s exactly what The Grinder was supposed to be.

If you’ve never heard of this unreleased game, Liam Robertson is here to fill you in. Roberston is best known for his Unseen64 series of videos, which take the form of short documentaries which look at failed software, complete with comments from the developers behind them and gameplay previously unseen by the public.

With an interesting premise, The Grinder fell victim to a slew of circumstances which prevented its release. From the poor performance of violent games on the Wii to a weird HD version for other hardware that was entirely different, the story of this game is one you should definitely watch, so we won’t spoil much more.

If you like this style of video, make sure to subscribe to Robertson’s channel. In addition, the Unseen64 series is also occcasionally hosted on the well- known DidYouKnowGaming? channel, where you can watch a sizeable playlist of past episodes.

We highly recommend the Avengers episode to learn a bit about why we still don’t have a big game based on the billion-dollar franchise.