One of your favourite YouTube channels – Ashens – is back with a new video focusing on the C64 Mini.

This is the miniature console adaptation of the┬áCommodore 64 that’s clearly aping Nintendo’s success with the NES and SNES Minis.

The review is a bit on the long side but it goes into every game with thoughts and opinions from Ashens, as well as the inside of the console itself.

Here we find two big disappointments: the keyboard doesn’t work and they’ve actually put in some metal bars to weigh it down and make it feel more premium.

Regardless it’s still an interesting product worth looking at. The inclusion of┬áCommodore BASIC is very much appreciated, even if you do need to operate it with an on-screen keyboard sometimes.

If you’re looking to get a C64 Mini in South Africa, it is listed by a few online retailers at various price points and release dates. Raru has it for R1 699 launching 18th May, and Takelot for R1 399 on 1st June 2018. Best shop around before making any purchases.

Also worth noting is a blunder in the video around the eight-minute mark with some missing audio. It’s a tiny mistake that has been rectified in a shorter video, but it’s hilarious for the host of a video to go dead quiet and stare at nothing for a little while.