While we may not be at the point in history where anyone can build a spaceship in their home, we are at a point where some electric wheelchairs and steel can be turned into a TIE fighter.

Earlier this month Allan Carver released the video below showing off his creation. The the skeleton of a TIE fighter is made out of steel tube and covered it with foam and paint until it looked accurate.

Instead of any space-worthy engines, electric wheelchair motors drive it around on the ground. While the central cockpit is big enough to sit in, the fighter is operated with a remote control.

To properly complete the aesthetic, there’s a soundboard and amplifier inside to play the requisite flying sounds and even the Imperial March.

The top speed here is a modest 6 MPH (9.56 KPH), so catching rebel scum will be a problem if they’re walking briskly.

A 70’s Kenner toy was used as a reference and Carver estimates that the build is at one third scale compared to the “real” thing. While there’s no mention of the cost of the project, we have to imagine it was still a pricey build at this size.