If you’re working from home or in your office, chances are you’re pouring hour after hour into projects trying to meet deadlines and keep everything running smoothly.

What most people don’t consider is the strain this places on one’s eyes, and the potential headaches and fatigue this can result in.

When taking a break from your screen isn’t an option, ASUS’ VZ239HE and VZ279HE monitors can take the load off thanks to their “Eye Care” technology – blue light filters certified by TÜV Rheinland laboratories.

These filters can be set to five different levels, all tailored for specific content consumption and to further reduce light in this damaging spectrum.

At the highest level approximately 70% of blue light is filtered out, perfect for working at night and making it less taxing on your eyes when you finally turn the PC off and go to sleep. Lower levels filter out less light but are better for web browsing, photos and videos, and text. Don’t like how the filter makes your screen look? It’s also entirely optional to use.

To protect your eyes even further, the surfaces of both screens are non-glare, so reflected light won’t bother you.

Combine all of this with flicker-free technology, and you have a perfect trifecta of safeguards to ensure that you can work through those all-nighters without worry. And, for those heavy workloads where one screen simply isn’t enough, VZ-series screens are purpose-built for multi-monitor setups thanks to their tiny bezels that are 7mm wide at their thickest point.

These IPS panels have a 80 000 000:1 contrast ratio with massive 178 degree viewing angles, creating an immersive panoramic experience when you have three screens stacked together.

The larger 27-inch VZ279HE features dual HDMI ports and a VGA port for when you need to hook the screen up to more than one source.

The VZ-series also includes several value-add features ASUS has developed specifically to enhance their appeal. For instance, very monitor has several preset modes that are accessed with the press of the screens’ buttons. That means switching between Theater Mode for a movie at lunch or Night View Mode for those late nights is easy to do without the need to mess around with complex video settings.

You’re also getting QuickFit, which shows photos at real size and provides a grid to make precision adjustments in the editing process.

Thanks to all of these features, the ASUS VZ-series of monitors is not only ideal for business, but also for web designers, videos editors and for watching movies and even playing the odd game.

When you’re looking for new monitors for your business, it’s easy to think that they’re all made the same, but that’s certainly not the case. Only ASUS’ VZ-series offers you quality panels with Eye Care technology that protects you and your employees too, on top of being quality 1080p displays.

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