Maker extraordinaire and possible mad scientist Colin Furze is back with another large project – the Hulkbuster from Avengers: Infinity War.

No, this creation will not be launched from a satellite like the original one, nor will it walk like something you’ve seen from Boston Dynamics.

Instead Furze is building in certain points of articulation. We should expect to see legs that can move up and down, waist rotation, and some kind of arm movement.

The multi-part video series, of which the first is available to watch below, will deal with certain parts of the build in each instalment.

This first entry completes the mechanics of the legs as well as the installation of the waist, but it doesn’t look much like a Hulkbuster yet.

Furze has also teamed up with another maker – James Bruton – for the build. He gained some attention last year for his impressive, wearable Hulkbuster, so he’s the right person to partner with.

Bruton’s own video for this series gives you as better look at what it should all look like at the end thanks to some renders.

Both Furze and Bruton show off a smaller LEGO version of the mech which you can buy right now so you can say you also built one. It’s set 76104: The Hulkbuster Smash-Up and is available right now.