Arguably the biggest name in protective skins for your tech –¬†dbrand – has finally started selling products for the Nintendo Switch again.

This is big news because, shortly after the launch of the console last year, the company wrote up a post on Reddit warning customers not to apply skins to their purchases.

Through testing, dbrand found that the adhesive used on all their past skins and wraps would damage the plastics on both the Switch itself and the Joy-Cons.

In response the company immediately stopped selling its products for the console and refunded any existing orders.

Aside from the fact that that Nintendo seems to be the only hardware manufacture this affected, the bigger story was that dbrand was willing to lose out on a lot of money by pulling its wares and warning everyone about possible damages from other sources.

History lesson over, they’ve now solved the issue and have begun selling the skins again, starting today. They announced this on Twitter and, when asked how they solved the problem, they simply replied with “science“.

dbrand has earned an enormous amount of goodwill with us and other customers thanks to their honesty, so if you want to throw some money at what seems to be a decent company, you can get your skins for the Switch here.

Using the customiser you can make something that suits you, or a monstrosity like this: