All you need to know is in the headline, as that’s pretty much all we know at this point.

This came about as a result of a query we sent to the PR of local Xbox distributor Prima Interactive earlier this week, on the matter of the second Xbox One X shipment. Specifically, we asked what the delay was.

This was the totality of Prima’s reply:

We have received confirmation, and we will have stock in the country by the 18th May.”

As you can see, there is no information on what, exactly, the delay has been. The last shipment arrived in December, and back then, we heard the next shipment would arrive in mid-Feb, which clearly it didn’t.

In the intervening months we also asked Dion Wired via Twitter when we could expect the console, and answers went from “probably around mid-March” to “We don’t know”.

We also asked Prima how many units they’re bringing in to satisfy what is very likely huge demand for the console, and whether the price will be lower than the initial R7999 of the initial shipment (brought in at a time when the rand was weak against the dollar but it’s since recovered), but it’s unlikely they’ll share that information. Asking is free, however.

What this means is the following points are still unknowns:

  • When the Xbox One X will appear on store shelves
  • Why it took so long for this second shipment to arrive
  • How much these Xbox One Xes will retail for

We’ll update this post with additional information should it come to light.

On the bright side, Prima has at least confirmed the stock is arriving mid-May, so there’s that.

However it unfolds, this is still good news for gamers who missed the boat on the Xbox One X last year, and who’ve been itching to get them some of that 4K gaming goodness on offer from the most powerful console in existence ever since without having to resort to Amazon Germany.


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