Here’s the final trailer before Deadpool 2 releases

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About a month from the launch of Deadpool 2 and we have a final trailer showing off even more of the movie.

The video was, as always, uploaded to Ryan Reynolds’ official YouTube channel today with some simple plot details.

There’s a mutant kid and Cable is trying to kill him (presumably because he messes up the future) and Deadpool assembles the X-Force to stop him. We assume the two either end up as friends by the end, or Cable becomes the franchise’s villain as Josh Brolin is signed for four movies.

Well, that’s the story the trailer gives you anyway. Make sure to read the video description for a different one.

The story isn’t too exciting and it was inferred from the previous material we’ve seen from the movie. What this trailer does show off is some new action scenes where the CGI characters look a bit on the rubbery side. Hopefully this is cleaned up before release.

In related Deadpool 2 news: the contest to win his pink suit in the Omaze cancer charity drive is still ongoing. Make sure to pledge your dollars to support the cause and to win, but note that the special rewards have all sold out, even the $5 000 (~R59 758) option that got you a personalised voicemail from Reynolds.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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