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Roguelike City of Brass leaves early access & arrives on consoles in May

City of Brass, a first person game with rogue elements, will be getting a full release on 4th May which also includes the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This game was added to Steam’s Early Access programme back in September of last year and has been quietly worked on since then.

And we do mean quietly. It seems that Dead Cells has been the indie darling of the early access rogue genre that has been sucking up all the attention.

Which is a shame, really, because City of Brass looks very interesting outside of its first person nature, which this genre has really struggled to capitalise on.

There’s an Arabian Nights theme here with influences from many other pieces of media. Your default weapon seems to be a whip you can use in combat as well as traversal and item recovery. The trailer below will give you an idea of what you’re getting into.

If you’re on PC you can buy and play the game in its unfinished state right now. Locally you’ll be paying R269 which may be the final price when it’s launched, but there may be a discount as with most new games on Steam.

One more extra push here is that the game is being developed by people who worked on BioShock, if you care about such things.

Unfortunately we don’t see any word about a Switch port at the time of writing.

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