LG has been something of a dark horse when it comes to premium smartphones. While Apple and Samsung battle over the space in your pocket LG appears to be going quietly about its business.

That said, the South Korean electronics giant has announced its latest flagship smartphone – the G7 ThinQ – and there’s good news for LG fans.

While Samsung and Sony play around with slow-motion video that is rather lacking (two seconds of footage is hardly great for the average user) LG appears to have taken a leaf out of Huawei’s book. The G7 ThinQ sports an 8MP snapper at the front and 16MP Super Wide Angle snapper at the back.

The firm has enhanced the AI features of the camera to offer 19 different shooting modes. Low-light photography is also better according to LG which says photos taken in dim-light are now four times brighter.

“Through the combination of pixel binning and software processing, the AI algorithm adjusts the camera settings automatically when shooting in low light,” said LG in a press release.

In terms of internals the G7 ThinQ can be configured with 4GB or 6GB of RAM along with 64GB or 128GB of storage capacity. If you need more capacity the handset supports microSD cards up to 1TB.

The handset also uses Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 845 platform which brings with it Wifi 802.11 ac , and Quick Charge 4+ support.


When LG announced that the G6 would sport a 18:9 aspect ratio we were puzzled but soon after that announcement the aspect ratio became almost normal. LG continues this tradition of strange aspect ratios with the G7 ThinQ.

The display is a 6.1inch affair with a QHD+ (3120 x 1440) resolution but it features a 19.5:9 aspect ratio.

Why the strange aspect ratio? LG appears to be aiming for a “near bezel-less” look and this aspect ratio appears to allow users to fill the display.

There is a bezel – as has become the style this year – though LG says users can black out the top notification bar so the display looks a bit more traditional.

The G7 ThinQ also looks prepared to take a beating. The handset features IP68 rated water and dust resistance as well as MIL-STG 810G compliance. That means the handset should survive the odd drop and extreme temperature shifts.

Perhaps not the most exciting release of the year but LG fans should be pleased with the improvements to the processing package and while LG did borrow the notch from Apple it has kept the headphone jack.

We’re also thankful that LG didn’t take a risk like it did with the G5 and try to introduce modular or semi-modular smartphones to the market again.

No word yet on release date or local pricing but we’ll be sure to update you when that information gets sent our way.