Kaspersky Lab has improved its Password Manager and what better way to announce these improvements than on World Password Day.

Yes, it is a real day and no you don’t get a day off.

A good password should be complex, unrelated to anything in your life and tricky to guess. That does often mean that passwords are complex and data from Kaspersky Lab says that the average adult internet user has at least 14 password protected profiles.

That’s a lot of complex passwords to remember which is why using a password manager is not just a good idea, it’s almost vital.

Kaspersky Lab offers up its Password Manager for free that allows users to store 15 credentials. Usually, this means usernames and passwords (which counts as one entry) but Kaspersky has improved the software to now allow users to store banking credentials to make online purchases easier.

This includes details such as card details and your address but Kaspersky Password Manager’s functionality has received yet another improvement which we’re rather excited about.

The software can now (with your permission of course) scan your PC to look for sensitive documents such as a scan of your ID and encrypt that file.

The firm says that it accomplishes this with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning but it never sends the data it encrypts to a Kaspersky Lab server. That means only you will know your Participation Certificate from primary school is encrypted.

The Password Manager also now supports authentication via Apple’s FaceID and biometrics on Android devices.

Kaspersky Password Manager is available to use for free with some limitations or you can remove the limitations for the price of R224,95 per user per year.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]