Most promotional and cover art for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) features a random guy in a white T-shirt and a level 3 helmet, and now he’s been 3D printed.

Talented makerĀ Fotis Mint is again to thank for this creation following several Overwatch, Star Wars and Marvel prints that we’ve featured from them before.

Like the other prints from this creator, this print was done an SLA printer which shows in its quality at this scale of only 12 centimetres tall.

If you’re planning to make one with a regular printer, we’ve been told that it should only take around five hours at this size, including supports.

The version you see in the gallery below was painted with simple acrylics and a brush, so there isn’t anything too complex with that.

To make your own start with the files available for from MyMIniFactory. Make sure you scroll down to the community prints to see how well it can be replicated.

If the full figure with the PUBG logo base isn’t quite your thing, there is a smaller option available that is cut off at the legs. A bit morbid but it still looks great and saves on filament.

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