One of our favourite channels and maker personalities, William Osman, has a new video with another bodged project.

It’s also another collab but this time it falls outside of the channels that have appeared before. Arin from GameGrumps pops in near the end to receive his present and focus of the video – an N64 controller where the B button is replaced with a  sound sensor.

Now, to use the button, Arin will need to scream into the controller so that the input can be registered. There’s also a lot of the trademark loose wires and bare circuitry.

If you’ve never watched the GameGrumps before and you were confused by the Wendy’s part of the video well, it’s complicated.

Just know that the channel has a series of ongoing recurring jokes about the restaurant that make that part a bit less weird, and this was established even before Wendy’s became known for their weird Twitter account.

If you’re unfamiliar with William Osman you should catch up on his videos (far less daunting than the thousands of let’s play GameGrumps content) and read our interview with him.

And if you don’t have time for any of that, just watch his “laser cut Vin Diesel ham and cheese sandwich” video to get a good idea of what he’s about.