While steampunk projects are mainly seen as decorative endeavours, these printed goggles have practical uses in the workshop.

Each side features six lenses which can either be used individually or combined together.

The one you see in the gallery below has three different magnifications of prescription lenses, along with a red, green and welding filters.

User TickTock, who created this project, tells us that he uses this system of lenses to cater to what he’s working on.

When curing SLA prints, for example, he uses a regular lens on one eye to check his work, and a lens combined with a green filter on the other eye when the laser comes out.

The finished version took around 16 hours to design in SolidWorks  with a lot of redesigning going on. Each component underwent at least three revisions before everything was working smoothly.

Printing took about 14 hours not including all the testing work. The steampunk look was created using Rust-Oleum spraypaints that were mixed while still wet.

If you’d like to make your own, the files are available for free from Thingiverse. You’ll also need to source appropriate lenses, eyecups and some kind of harness.

Also watch the demo video to see how everything works in motion, including the harness ratcheting system that uses a pleasing number of gears.

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