We have good news for anybody looking for a cheap Android smartphone – Huawei has launched its new Y-series of smartphones in South Africa.

The new devices include the Y7 2018, Y6 2018, Y5 Prime 2018 and the Y3 2018 which has an incredible low recommended retail price of R999 and runs the lightweight Android Go operating system.

The entire series is affordable though with the Y7 2018 being the most “expensive” at R2 999.

While these handsets are cheap Huawei says that the pricing didn’t stop them from loading the handsets with features.

The Huawei Y7 2018 lets you unlock it with your face.

The Y7 2018 is being billed as a phone for gamers. It sports a 5.9inch HD+ (1440 x 720) Fullview display, 16GB of storage capacity, and an MSM8937 chipset. The Y7 2018 is running the Android 8 operating system.

Huawei details each handset’s unique features below.

  • Face Unlock (Y5 Prime 2018, Y6 2018 and Y7 2018)
  • Navigation Dock ( Y5 Prime 2018, Y6 2018 and Y7 2018)
  • Game Suite (Y6 2018 and Y7 2018)
  • Eye Comfort (Y3 2018, Y5 Prime 2018, Y6 2018 and Y7 2018)
  • Dual Bluetooth (Y6 2018 and Y7 2018)
  • Three-finger Screenshot (Y6 2018 and Y7 2018)
  • Split-Screen (Y6 2018 and Y7 2018)
  • Mini screen view ( Y5 Prime 2018, Y6 2018 and Y7 2018)

The Y-series will also feature space for up to three SIM-card slots.

“The ability to change roles depending on the setting is crucial – so many are subscribed to more than one mobile service provider. The three-card slot is the perfect solution to help these people stay online 24/7, while providing them with an option to expand storage capacity,” Huawei said in a statement.

The Huawei Y-series is available in South Africa now and pricing for each handset follows on below.

  • Y7 2018 – R2999
  • Y6 2018 – R2499
  • Y5 Prime 2018 – R1999
  • Y3 2018 – R999