Boston Dynamics – the robotics company that entertains and terrifies in equal measures – has uploaded another two videos to its YouTube channel.

The first focuses on its well-known Atlas and runs just 33 seconds. Apart from walking, which we’ve seen done countless times, the main focus is its hop over a branch.

While that sounds anticlimactic, it looks eerily human. Yes, you can say that about most displays of Boston Dynamics robots, but this one even more so.

The second video is a bit more substantive, looking at their quadrupedal SpotMini. This was also the subject of the company’s last two videos which saw the robot kicked around, as well as a display of an arm attachment.

This time we get a look at autonomous navigation as SpotMini takes a walk around the Boston Dynamics offices. Aside from obviously being a cool place to work, it looks like they have a braai outside too.

In the middle of the navigation, we’re also treated to a look at its “obstacle avoidance data” which appears to be a readout of the robot’s cameras with green areas indicating walkable surfaces, and red being barriers.

This section also shows us that SpotMini can walk backward or forward, and change between those types of movement, easily. So easily, in fact, that you may miss it. Watch carefully at the top of the stairs section.