The Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix kicks off today and, if you’re stuck at the office without a way to watch Max Verstappen crash make it around the track in practice, we have good news.

The F1 over-the-top service F1 TV Pro, and the cheaper F1 TV Access, are now live ahead of this weekend’s race.

Sadly F1 TV Pro is not available in South Africa but we can sign up for F1 TV Access.

The service costs $2,99 (~R36,81) per month or $26,99 (~R332,24) per year. There is a special on at the moment which knocks 10 percent off of the annual subscription price, but it’s only valid until 31st May.

F1 TV Access gives viewers access to live timings, race archives, tyre usage history, a driver tracker map and full race replays (in South Africa we get these 14 days after the race) among other things.

You can sign-up to F1 TV Access here right now.

Then, for those that are curious about F1 TV Pro – the service that lets you stream races live, watch onboard cameras of every driver and unedited team radio broadcasts amongst other things.

This service is a bit more expensive at $11,99 (~R174,60) per month and $99,99 (~R1 230,87) per year. That 10 percent special until 31st May also applies here.

You can sign up for F1 TV Pro if you are in one of the countries the service is available in.

Before you consider using a VPN to trick the service into thinking you’re in one of those countries, you’ll need a credit card from that country to pay for F1 TV Pro. We’ve already tried to sign up for the service from here unsuccessfully.


[Image – CC BY SA 2.0 Artes Max]
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