The selfie has gone from meme to a part of our lives as more businesses use our vanity in their favour.

The latest company to do this is FNB which now allows customers and businesses to open an account and verify their identity by way of a selfie.

This allows for what FNB describes as a “frictionless onboarding” experience. To you and I that means you don’t have to go into a bank as FNB will compare biometric data from your selfie with Department of Home Affairs records in order to verify your identity.

While this is great news for anybody that loathes going into a bank there are a number of new features for users that are designed to make their lives easier.

nav>>Money on the FNB App

Many of the new features fall under the nav>>Money banner which the bank says is designed to help customers keep a closer eye on their financial health. nav>>Money will be available through the FNB App.

Track my spend gives customers greater insight into how they are spending their money. If you’re spending more than you earn this feature will let you know that.

Then something that had us saying “why didn’t we think of that” is My Available Funds.

According to FNB this service,”lets consumers know what’s left to save and spend after all known upcoming payments. We take all your scheduled payments and debit orders into consideration. And if you are experiencing a shortfall, you can access other funds available like eBucks, savings, and credit – all in one useful place.”

It’s rather clever and we’re keen to see how this works.

Finally, nav>>Money users will be able to get a snap shot of their credit status with information on how to improve their spending habits, tips for late payments, your track record and more. This alone has us excited because checking your credit status is really more complicated than it needs to be and an easy way to track this is very much welcome.

FNB says that these features will deliver information to users every morning.

eBucks Travel

FNB has also added a ton of extra functionality for travellers in the form of eBucks Travel.

Now FNB clients will be able to search and compare flights across a number of airlines. Once you’ve found your flights you can pay for them with your FNB card, eBucks or both.

The bank says that customers can pay for tickets through FNB Pay on the FNB App to minimise phishing attempts.

Customers can also create profiles for friends and family that they fly with frequently so you don’t have to enter those details every time wanderlust grabs hold of you.

eBucks Travel is available as a mobile or desktop website with arrival on the app coming soon.

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