Despite its popularity we’ve not seen a 3D print from Black Mirror up until now, where one maker has recreated the dog from the Metalhead episode.

User Mag-Net created this model in ZBrush over the course of a week before printing it on a Dobot Mooz-2.

Using PLA filament and a 0.15 layer height, printing took around 10 hours to make a model which is 20 centimetres long from the back to the tip of the knife on one of the legs.

It’s 11.6 centimetres tall, and 7 centimetres wide, weighing in at only 92 grams.

We’ve been told that assembly is easy, only requiring glue for the leg halves before being friction fit into the body. Little sanding or finishing is present here, but it still looks great, as you can see in the gallery below.

Painting was done with black and silver acrylics with a matte finish. The glossy head section received extra attention in the finishing process, which ended with a clear gloss coat to make it stand out.

To make your own Metalhead dog, head on over to either Thingiverse or MyMiniFactory where you’ll find the files available for free.

Then, if a static model just isn’t enough, we suggest following this community print which is planned to be upgraded with the spinning radar in the head, and a moving knife. Both of these functions are also going to be motion activated to freak you out a little more.

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