While claymation is still popular in movies, it’s rarer to see in the world of games. But here’s Disdoored, the latest title to use the technique, combined with multiplayer survival elements.

Disdoored is promising a mix of co-op farming and survival together with procedurally-generated environments.

From what the trailer below shows, it’s reminding us a lot of Don’t Starve Together.

There’s also the option to tame animals and upgrade them into new species. We’ve been promised the prospect of domesticating and milking snails, Greg.

The all-important aesthetic of the game was created with more than nine kilograms of Plasticine captured in 20 000 photos. It will be interesting to see how this meshes with the random environment creation.

This game seems to be a continuation of Don’t open the doors! from 2016. Lead developer Anton Riot is responsible for both titles with his previous outing receiving generally positive reviews.

If you’re wondering about the weird name, it ties into the story of strange doors appearing in the game world which spit out enemies.

A plant named Lily can defeat the doors (not the band) and you will need to protect it as it grows.

If we had to guess we’d say that Lily will form the centre of the farms you’ll be cultivating, with its destruction ending the game.

Disdoored will be available on Steam Early Access later this month. The US price is $19.99, so check back to the Steam page (not live yet) to see its local pricing.

If you want to play a game with this art style right now, we suggest the rather excellent but oddly named Platypus – a claymation shoot-’em-up from the early 2000’s. It’s available on Steam for very little money.

Some of the physical Plasticine models used in the game.