Powerhoof are the developers behind the rather brilliant roguelike / beat-’em-up / dungeon crawler party game known as Crawl, and they’re back with a new game.

Alluvium is a point-and-click adventure title with a really interesting aesthetic, and was made over the course of two weeks forĀ AdventureJam 2018.

We tried the game for ourselves, and it’s surprisingly deep. The main character and most of his actions are voiced, and there’s a cool twist in there too.

It took us 30 minutes to complete the game, but you may be able to do it faster depending on how quickly you can get through the puzzles.

The controls are confined with the mouse with left clicking to walk and pick up items, right clicking to equipment items, and an inventory that pops up if you move the cursor to the top of the screen.

Alluvium is free to download from Itch.io, with Windows, OS X and Linux versions available.

If you enjoy the game, consider donating a few dollars to the developers, or voting for their title to win the game jam it was created at.

Alternatively, try their previous, full game Crawl. It’s priced reasonably on both Steam and the Switch, with the latter version making good use of the Joy-Cons for couch gameplay.

Check out our review of Crawl if you’re on the fence.