The Japanese My Nintendo Store was recently updated with a new way to buy the console in what’s apparently called the “Nintendo Switch 2nd set”.

This comes with the Switch console itself, two Joy-Cons and two Joy-Con straps.

The dock and HDMI cable you’d need to connect it to a TV, as well as the charger to actually power the console, is not included.

The comfort grip is also missing, but that’s a bit less important.

These bundles are being sold forĀ 26 978 Yen, which works out to around $245.

In terms of value this bundle is not great. Using US prices from Nintendo themselves, a regular Nintendo Switch with all the accessories costs $300.

The $50 saving between the two is dwarfed by the cost of buying those accessories separately. The dock, AC adaptor and HDMI cable can be had for $90, and the comfort grip is an extra $20.

The only added benefits the 2nd set bundle offers is customisation. The product page has a slick interface where you can choose between seven colours for both the Joy-Cons and their straps.

Even if you’re not going to buy one, it’s nice to use so you can see what your Switch would look like with the different colours.

There’s also 250 Gold Points included, which can be used to get a discount off of software in the eShop.

The reason this bundle exists is right there in the name – 2nd set. That product page even states that it’s “easy to purchase for customers who already have Nintendo Switch” (translated from Japanese).

But, even by that logic, we’re still baffled by the pricing. If you are looking for another Switch and don’t need the accessories, you can buy a regular bundle and sell off the extras.

Though this wouldn’t really be recommended, because it will be much harder to sell the system in the future.

For now though, this bundle is exclusive to Japan and maybe the pricing will be different based on localisation.

If you’re eyeing those great colour options, you should look into importing them from something like, or simply buying some dbrand skins.

At least the customisation software is fun to use.