Last year 20XX left Steam’s Early Access after almost three years in the programme, and now it’s coming to console.

This game is very clearly inspired by the Mega Man X series for its aesthetic and gameplay, but mixes in the random roguelike elements that have become so popular in recent years.

The game will now be launching on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on 10th July, with the Xbox One version popping up a day later on 11th July.

Those on PC can pick the game up right now for R159.

These console versions also include the Hawk Character DLC, which adds a third playable character with a whip.

We played 20XX when it came out of Early Access, and had a fun time with it in our ten hours of play. Movement and shooting feels good and unlocking items is always fun.

Unfortunately, it has a grueling end game and a final boss that feels artificially difficult, especially compared to the rest of the game. It was also easy to find a dominant strategy that made experimentation less important.

We hope that the devs have smoothed some of these problems out since then, and the bevy of updates and patches gives us hope that this is the case.