Dauntless has been teasing players with its promise of giant monster slaying for years now, and it’s finally open to the public.

After many closed tests, an open beta is available that you can download right now.

Unfortunately the game is succumbing to its own success at the moment. Thousands of people are flocking to the beta and signing in has been impossible for some people.

For the last few hours we’ve been given the “all servers are busy” message with around 20 000 people ahead of us in the queue, and an estimated wait time of about an hour.

We can only imagine this is going to get worse as people finish work and aim to play during the weekend.

The official Dauntless Twitter account has been providing a lot of updates on the server status since the beta went live and it looks like there’s even been some downtime.

All we can suggest right now is checking out the trailer below for a broad overview of the game.

If you’re sold download the beta, make an account, and hope you can get on at some point.

After Monster Hunter: World was announced for the PC we were worried that interest in Dauntless would die down, but it looks quite the opposite at the moment. It will be interesting to see how these two fight it out in the coming months.